Trompe Wingwall Day 9 - Concretors in, Me Out | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection

Today after settling in for a huge day’s work, I got a big surprise when the concretors arrived to lay the plinths for the crystals to go in. At this time of year, just before Christmas, you get the tradies whenever you can!

I had to pack up all my tools and seal everything against the mess they planned to make, and take my delicate equipment back up to the cabin. Tim the concretor was very helpful to make sure my gear was covered tightly against the concrete grinding dust.

Tim, Manager Mel and I chatted to the owners and between us all worked out the best position for the plinths to hold the huge crystals.

My pencil lines for the columns and arches that I’d drawn up on the wall were nearly invisible, so I taped up some blue tape so they could be seen more easily for photos.

Here is how the plinths are arranged. There will be two wing shaped crystals on the right…

… and one large butterfly one on the left:

Here’s two time lapses from the day. The first the timelapse is from my time on the job at the wall. The second I recorded when I was back in my cabin. I took the opportunity to draw up the column bases in perspective and also draw up full size templates for the column header details and the arch keystone shape. Lots of drawing and thinking!

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