Trompe Wingwall Day 4 - Setup & scale drawing | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
Today I had the help of groundsman Paolo again, this time in Evie the electric cart vehicle. We carted all my equipment and toolboxes from the cabin to the wingwall. I set up my office and then did my check measure of the wall. Then the work on the scale drawing began. A few discussions with the client on the details of the pillars and we’re away. I will create a small colour painting of the final design as well. I had this cute little tiny bug keeping me company this morning. He kept walking past me on the desk, back and forth, all morning. He was tiny, but very persistent. I recorded a little Live video on location:
I also managed to set up my timelapse video system and started recording.
Here’s what was recorded today. There was a lot of thinking, measuring, and drawing, so not much action on the wall yet.

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