Trompe Wingwall Day 3 - First day on site | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
Today was my first day working on location, and the first day to sight the brand new wall that’s just been built, in person! After settling into my gorgeous little cabin (I feel very lucky to be invited to stay here), I watched the guys setting up the rain cover tarp I needed to make sure that we had a good full view of the wall. The tarp is rigged up so that when a storm comes through, I can drop it quickly to the ground so everything stays safe. The scaffold and ladder on site are going to be perfect for the job. I cleaned up the slab and wall ready for painting, and set up my mobile design office. I did a check measure of the wall and measured up the curvature of the wall. Extra level of difficulty on this job: painting on a curved wall! From the wall I can see the little cabin where I am staying: In between the wall and the cabin is the beautiful Buddha pond: Isn’t this the most beautiful location to be working! Here’s a closeup of the cabin up above, nestled among the trees: I recorded a little Live video at the wall:

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