Trompe Stairway Day 1 - Starting design | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection

In the brand new rebuilt hotel there is a huge set of stairs linking the lower levels to the beer gardens above. The owners of the hotel saw the Trompe Tuscany mural around the corner at Jane St West End, and they want a mural to make these boring grey concert stairs much more interesting. They want to lead the customers to explore upstairs.

Here’s what the view looks like currently when you enter the hotel from Boundary Street:

I drew it up with my digital pen so I could sketch and paint over the shapes, all to scale:

Here’s my first rough sketch of the concept of a waterfall running down over a rocky area filled with lush rainforest. It will have all sorts of critters hidden in the greenery. You never know, if you explore it, you might even come across a python, or a croc lurking in the ponds!

Here’s what it looks like with the walls around:

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