Trompe Alhambra Day 90 - Finishing off Columns, Pillars, Pink Ponds and Edge Stone | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
A long 13 hour day painting the remaining 12 columns in the set of 18 total. I also painted the pond edges and the remaining stone edging along the bottom at the front right. I painted the top part of the central wall to look rustic and stoney. We started painting a temporary clear coat sealer over all the painted areas, to protect it from rain. We had a huge event happen in the garden today too! It was quite a windy day but I was fairly well protected in the painting area. At one point during the day I heard a huge loud crack sound. I turned around to see an enormous branch on the poinciana tree behind me fall to the ground in the neighbours’ back yard. Luckily no-one was under it. This beautiful feature tree shades the client’s back yard and pool, and is also the home to a pair of nesting kookaburras that have been keeping me company while I’ve been painting the mural. I was so sad to see that the massive breach had cracked right through their nesting hole, leaving nothing of their nest on the tree. After the branch fell, I saw the kookaburras sitting on the top where their nest used to be, saying “What happened?” I raced down to the bottom where the branch had fallen to see if there were any baby kookaburras that needed rescuing, but all I found were 3 broken (fertilised) eggs on the ground. So heartbreaking. Here’s a timelapse of how my day unfolded:

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