Trompe Alhambra Day 50 - Finishing off the Infill Panel | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
Day 50 was a very exciting day. We had a huge day today – two of us working on the infill panel and getting the majority of it finished ready for it to be picked up at 8am tomorrow morning. It’s going to be transported back to site on a truck and installed in the gap that’s waiting in the wall.

Kyla and I worked very hard to get the remainder of the detailed pattern finished across the front of the arches.

My first job was to make sure the two stencil layers worked together, and work through how I was going to paint it with brush work to make it look real and 3D.

I was really happy with my first go at it:

Then we were onto the marathon of getting the patterns across the whole panel:

Here’s how it looked at lunch time, halfway through the job:

And here’s how it looked by the end of the day:

Take a look at a closeup of those delicious patterns:

The timelapse video is funny because we look like we are going a million miles an hour.

Well we were, really! It was a big day…

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