Trompe Alhambra Day 49 - Pattern Marathon | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
Today was the Pattern Marathon Day. I had to get all those patterns that I wiped out, back on the panels again. Kyla was a wonderful help, we got our system working and then hammered away on it all day.

The patterns on the front of the header panels looks SO much more realistic and 3D. I am really happy with them now.

I also got the first two lower panels of calligraphy on, using Kyla’s beautiful stencils.

Here’s what it looked like halfway through the day:

Then by the end of the day it was looking like this:

Remember what the panels looked like yesterday before being painted over?



Yesterday’s was way too tidy looking. It made it look too flat for my liking.

I like my new version today because it’s grungier, stonier, more 3D and most importantly, REAL looking. Takes 3 times as long but definitely worth it. We know how we’re doing it all now, so it will get faster and faster from now on.

Here’s a timelapse of our busy, busy power day:

Tomorrow is going to be another pattern marathon, to finish off the infill panel ready for delivery to site on Friday.

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