Trompe Alhambra Day 39 - Next layer on the detail pattern | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
Today we spent some hours on the computer hunting down good detailed image references for some of the other patterns that will go into the mural, and stretching and scaling the images to fit the sizes we need on the mural wall.

I spent some time mixing and testing paint colours to get the stone just right and looking like Alhambra.

Then I started tweaking the colours in the detailed pattern on the infill panel. It looks amazing with the second glaze coat over. Only one more coat to go to get the final look I want.

Here is what it looked like before:

And after:

Here a test piece I used to try out how I want it to look like after the final coat goes on tomorrow. The left hand side is the option I’ve chosen:

Here’s what today’s action looked like (when I wasn’t on the computer!):

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