Trompe Alhambra Day 38 - Moorish Detail First Layer | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
Today the first layer of the detailed pattern went on!

This will have several layers of paint over it to get the colours and shadows right. But it’s a great start!

Here’s what one of the panels looks like now, up close:

Both panels on the infill panel have been done:

The rest of the day was spent on searching for detailed pictures of the calligraphy and the pillar details, ready for making the other patterns. I’ve purchased some really high resolution photos that will be great to use as reference. Here’s a closeup of one of them:

I didn’t film the hours I spent photo hunting on the computer: that makes really boring footage!

But here is the timelapse for the painting of the details today:

Looking good! It’s an exciting day to get this step sorted out. I’ve worked out all the problems with how to paint the details of the intricate carvings in the mural – so it’s exciting to move forward and knock them all over now!

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