Trompe Alhambra Day 36 - Scaling up the Patterns | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
Today it was time to find a photo of the pattern I want on the pillar headers and get it printed to exactly the right scale to fit in the grid I’ve got marked up on the panel. I need this so I can cut the stencils to use.

There are a lot of patterns to choose from, in all the Plaza of the Lions archways:

Here’s the one I chose and started to work out the scale:

So today’s task was to get on the computer for a few hours and play with images in PhotoShop to tweak the image, skew it back to straight and parallel, scale it and print it.

Then the trick was to print it exactly to the size I have drawn up on the real panel. it took a few goes and lots of calculator ratio workings until I had the right one. Here are all the discards:

No timelapse today because it’s pretty boring looking at me sitting on a computer!

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