Trompe Alhambra Day 31 - Back to the Studio | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
The weather forecast is for rain so I packed up all the gear and crates of equipment and paints from the job site and brought them home to the studio to work on the infill panel.

Took a while to unpack the car as I had just thrown all the gear in the back and out was up to the roof.

Resorted the boxes and got them tidied away so I could have room for giving my art class in my studio this evening.

Started on the stone blocks on the infill panel. I had my phone perched up on top of the panel showing the nearby stone blocks on the main wall back at the site, so I could keep up the randomness of the stone block colouring:

Here’s a timelapse of painting the new blocks:

Only a handful of the crates are in the studio – the rest have been moved into the dining room so we can have art class tonight! I need to get a way better system of managing all the equipment between site and studio.

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