Give The Joy of Art This Christmas | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection

Give something special this Christmas. This beautiful gift pack will be one to remember, and is perfect for any art lovers.

Jacqueline Hill has put together Christmas Gift Packs with limited edition fine art reproductions printed on canvas, featuring some of her favourite and most popular pieces. And, in the spirit of the Season of Giving, she’s offering the pack at a special price until December 15th.

As well as your choice of a limited edition fine art reproduction, Jacqueline is also hand-painting special Christmas cards, making the gift truly one of a kind.

For more information, call the gallery on 3202 9991 or see the online product:

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Prestige Art Christmas Gift Pack

‘Al Fresco’ – Urban Energy Series

High quality reproduction print of the fine art original.

High energy urban streetscapes set in a semi abstract style. Jacqueline captures the essence of busy modern life. Although these artworks are based on various cities from all over the world which Jacqueline has visited, they illustrate the resounding familiarity that all modern western cultures share in their city street life.

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