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Create New Space

Need a show-stopping artwork to open out a room or office and make it feel really spacious? You’ve come to the right place — depth paintings are my specialty!

Trompe l’oeil (or “trick the eye”) paintings give an illusion of depth and 3D space. These paintings can magically change a cramped room into a wonderful spacious view.

“We are thrilled with Trompe Botanica! We really enjoyed the process of working with Jacqui on this unique artwork for our home, from a blank piece of paper to the final outcome” — Kim & David


Bring the “Wow!” of my Trompe L’oeil Murals into your home or office. A trompe l’oeil painting can transform any boring wall into one that stops people in their tracks.

Your guests will always love to visit and this unique masterpiece will be a talking-point of all your friends!

“I can honestly tell anyone who may be thinking of doing something similar to what we have done, to go ahead and do it for sure, they won’t regret having their own personal, an individual, piece of art to enhance their house.” — Linda & Greg

Any Size, Any Scene

Just because you don’t have a wall for me to paint a mural on, it doesn’t mean you can’t have your very own trompe l’oeil! My trompe l’oeil style is available in any size, ready to hang just like any artwork.

The sky’s the limit for what you want on your wall. Choose any scene or subject that is special to you and I’ll paint it!

“Our dream was you base our mural on the Allambra Palace in Granada, Spain. The result has been beyond our wildest expectations.” — Lynne & John

Professional Artist

Professional artist services. Happiness Guaranteed. Call me and let’s talk!

Please contact me on (07) 3202 9991 or send me an email via the contact page.

I’ll can also help you install and hang the final artwork in your room.

“We were so lucky to find Jacqui. She has a professional work ethic, loves solving problems, is easy to communicate with, and has a justified pride in her work.” — Deb & John

All images shown on this page are samples mockups from original wall murals. All Trompe L’oeil painting commissions will be unique and individual!

Have a look through photos and timelapses of all my wall murals at the mural eye.

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