Prestige Hanging and Advisory Services | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection

We can advise you how and where to hang your artworks.

We can also follow through by doing the hanging for you. Nothing left for you to do except enjoy your artworks hanging on the wall.

This is a specialised field and we have decades of experience in hanging artworks in galleries, exhibitions and private homes.

Our advice will show off your artworks to the best of their beauty.

We can also advise where artworks need care to prevent damage. This is invaluable and will protect your investment from irrevocable damage. For example, we have in the past discovered artworks that have been enclosed in acid-filled materials that will damage the artwork beyond repair over the years. Sometimes it is a simple fix.

Our people

Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill has been painting and winning awards for over two decades in Brisbane. She has managed the hanging of dozens of gallery exhibitions over many years, and advised clients on how to hang their paintings.

Phil Child

Phil Child

Phil Child (Jacqueline’s husband) is closely involved in the Art at Heart business. He is an experienced handyman with many decades of experience, and was closely involved in building the Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Gallery as well as the Art at Heart studio and gallery. He has hung hundreds of paintings and installed gallery tracking in homes, businesses and galleries over many years. Jacqueline and Phil work together to give you the best possible solution with hanging your art collection.


  • No callout fee.
  • Fees are to attend and advise or do the hanging work. Time is rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Fees include tax.



$165 per hour per person

SPECIAL PRICE for VIP clients:

call us on 07 3202 9991 to find out more

  • Travel time is charged at half rates.
  • Payment is due at time of service, at the end of the session by cash, card or mobile EFT.

About our Pricing Structure

Have an empty wall that needs an artwork? Get a portion of your hanging service fee back! When you buy a new artwork from us within 30 days of receiving the service, we refund you 15% of the price of the artwork.

We charge an hourly rate rather than a fixed fee to keep prices fair for everyone. Every wall is different: occasionally we find a concrete wall behind the panel, sometimes difficult ladder work is required. If we were to set a fixed rate we would need to build in this contingency. And sometimes it works just like a dream! So with an hourly rate, the cost is kept low for you when the job is straightforward. Which most of them are.

Other Optional Services

Any additional equipment hire required is an additional fee (at cost, no markup). For example, if safety scaffolding is needed for an extremely high hang of a large artwork. This is rarely needed. We have our own safety ladders and tools that we bring.

We also offer a framing service (quoted by each piece) – this is a very affordable way to refresh the style of your art, or simply to save it form damage by acid-filled inferior framing materials that may have been used.

We can also offer you a cataloging service for your artworks, for insurance purposes. We will photograph, catalogue and digitally back up the records off premises to give you ultimate peace of mind in case of fire, flood or burglary. This service is quoted on a case by case basis.

Hanging Tracks for Moving Artworks around

  • Where flexibility is needed, a professional hanging track setup is recommended. If you need to rearrange artworks often, or want an invisible stylish look with your art display, we recommend an Australian made product. It’s a system that many commercial galleries use, and in fact it’s the one that we use in our own professional gallery.
  • There are two options: standard and slimline.
  • If you are interested in this, we can advise you on the kit that you require, and we can assist you to purchase it yourself direct from the manufacturer here in Queensland. Alternatively we can purchase it on your behalf – with no markup in cost. Please note, we receive no kick backs for this recommendation, it is simply the best company we have found that we’ll recommend to you. This organisation we use has been very professional, reliable and friendly to use for us over the past decade.

Interested in using our service? Give us a call on 07 3202 9991

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