Pet Portraits | Jacqueline Hill Prestige Art Collection
I can paint you a pet portrait or a portrait of people.

I know what it’s like to love a pet so much that they are one of the family. I can immortalise your favourite furry family member in an original artwork pet portrait that captures their essence.

I’ll happily paint a wonderful portrait of people too – whether it is to honour a special person, or to remember a magical wedding day. John was so happy with “Deep Forest” that he secretly commissioned me to paint their children for his wife Lorraine’s 40th birthday, and when the painting was unveiled at the party under the marquee, she lost her place in her speech and had to grab for a tissue she was so overwhelmed and happy! 

We have a range of different sizes and options starting from only $90. Pet portraits make such an amazing and unique gift. Please book in early if you are thinking of a pet portrait for a gift such as a birthday or Christmas present as I often have a queue to work through. It’s as simple as emailing a photo to us to get it started.

To book your pet portrait please call the gallery on (07) 3202 9991 or email us via the Contact page.


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