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Do you have a big boring, empty wall that makes you feel closed in? Need a mural to make it open out and feel really spacious? You’ve come to the right place – murals are my specialty!

The top image shows my 12 sq m mural at Taboon Restaurant, Robina. Everything you see in this photo is painted (except me!)

A mural can transform the ugliness of graffiti into a “Wow!” factor image that stops people in their tracks.

Trompe l’oeil (or “trick the eye”) murals give an illusion of depth and 3D space. These murals can magically change a cramped space into a wonderful spacious view.

The remainder images are from one I finished recently. It’s called “Trompe Secret Garden”. This was a commission for a client in a private home in inner Brisbane

This mural took me 40 days to paint. Here is a short time lapse video of the entire project from Youtube.

To see the full story in pictures of this mural as it unfolded, check out our Facebook Album of Photos.

or view the progression of the work on @jacqueline.hill.artist on Instagram

Give me a call if you’d like me to come out and visit you to check out your wall and offer some suggestions of how we could transform it.

Please contact me on (07) 3202 9991 or send me an email via the contact page.

See below for answers to some questions you may have.

Have a look through photos and timelapses of all my murals at the mural eye.

What sort of surface can you paint on?
It must be a sealed surface that is reasonably smooth. For example if it is a flat rendered wall, ideally the final coat of render would be smooth and have a few coats of primer/sealer and acrylic exterior paint.
Do we need to prepare the surface before painting?
Ideally the wall should be smooth and sealed with at least a primer plus two coats of good quality acrylic exterior paint. There should be no holes in the wall.
What if we’re not sure what to paint on the wall?
I am happy to discuss ideas with you and come up with something that will be a real wow factor for the wall and the location. You are in full control of the final result.
What if the wall is really high?
I will measure up beforehand and arrange for safety ladders or scaffolding quote. This will be included in my written quote to you.
Can I spread the payments out for the job?
Yes! In fact we prefer it this way. It is up to you how we break down the payments. In the written quote I will offer some suggestions for how it can be spread out, usually it is a breakdown of 30%-40%-30% or 4 lots of 25% or similar.
When will the job begin?
I often have several commission jobs in a queue. I am very open about what jobs I have currently got on while we are chatting in initial stages, as I dont want to disappoint you if the timing is not right. The order that jobs are done is in the order that we receive the deposits. So as soon as you pay your initial deposit, you will be put in the queue and I will of course let you know an estimate for when the job is likely to start.
What if we don’t like the end result?

We have a Happiness Guarantee that makes sure you will be happy.

Here’s how it works: We spend time to discuss ideas together first, then I will prepare a small sketch of the final result so you know exactly what you will be getting, in advance. All the way along, if you would like anything changed, I am happy to do that. If there is no backtracking on work you’ve already asked me to do, then there will be no additional cost!

We are here to serve. You are in full control of what is painted on the wall. We guarantee that you will love the end result!

How do I get started?

When we chat, we will agree on the size and scope of the job so I can prepare a full specification and quotation that details exactly what we have talked about, in writing. We can also work out how your payments will be spread out over the job.

Give me a call so we can get started!

Can you paint on a wall that has gloss paint on it?
Gloss paint would need to be sanded down first with a fine sandpaper to remove the gloss surface, otherwise the professional acrylic paint that I use would not stick to it. If it is gloss enamel paint, you would need to have the paint removed completely. If this is not done, the mural painting will peel away from the surface, and we don’t want that!
What colour is the best colour for the wall before you start to paint?
White is the best, or a fairly neutral pale stone or grey colour.
Can I get you to paint things that are special to me in the mural?
Of course! I often do this for clients You are in charge. I am happy to add in or hide any little subject matter that you want in the mural. It could be your favourite tree, flower, your pet, or a half hidden symbol or word that means a lot to you. Just let me know!
How much will it cost?

Generally the square metre rate for our murals ranges from around $800 to $1400 per square metre. This excludes any extras or GST. The final investment depends on several factors:

  • how many square metres of area you want painted
  • what sort of detail you are after in the painting
  • whether there are extras such as:
    • scaffolding
    • travel
    • exposure to weather, or
    • difficult access
  • whether you want to have the surface prepared by me or whether you do it
  • how rough the surface is for painting on
  • whether you need the final mural to have a protective coating applied

Just think of the amount of joy you will get every time you look on your mural in the years to come. And how you will feel whenever a visitor exclaims “Wow!”. These benefits that swell your heart with joy will of course be priceless!

How long will it take?

I can usually paint a 10 sq m mural in around 2-3 weeks, depending on the detail and the difficulty of access (scaffolding etc)

Is there any risk of damage to our premises?

I always take great care with your property while I am painting there. I have very large tarpaulins to protect all surfaces and I also have full insurance in the business to cover us in case of any unexpected problems. But you can trust me to take a lot of care! Just as if it is my own home. In all my years of painting mural commissions (since 2001) for both corporate and private clients, I have never had any problems.

How do I know what it is going to look like before it gets painted?

Together we work on a design of the entire mural before the first lick of paint goes up on the wall, so you can see what it will look like beforehand. I will create a small sketch or painting of the entire mural, drawn to scale, for you to approve. Your input is essential at this stage to get exactly what you are wanting in the mural.

We work together until you are completely happy with the design of the mural, before work goes ahead.

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